Five Reasons to Try AstroBliss Lemonades

AstroBliss Lemonades

Five Reasons to Try AstroBliss Lemonades

Curious about the allure of AstroBliss? Here are five reasons why you should indulge in our THC infused beverages. Come and explore all the benefits AstroBliss has to offer!

1. Alternative to Alcohol

Alcohol is the most popular beverage to consume when trying to catch a buzz. Many are trying to find non-alcoholic beverages that make them feel just as good without the negative effects. AstroBliss lemonades are excellent alternatives. The THC in our beverages makes taking the edge off a breeze with no hangover the following day. Additionally, our lemonades are a great foundation for mocktail experimentations. Pour up a mocktail margarita that leaves you feeling euphoric without the morning after symptoms!

2. Feel Relaxed

AstroBliss has a relaxing quality like no other. It’s the perfect non-alcoholic beverage to unwind with at the end of a long work day or amongst friends. Skip happy hour and twist open one of our lemonades. The hemp-derived THC infused in each lemonade mellows your mood while elevating your sociability. If you are looking for a way to feel at ease before social events or just had a stressful day, try AstroBliss lemonades and feel the magic slip in!

3. Sleep is Seamless

Need help falling asleep? AstroBliss is here to lend a helping hand. A key component of our beverages is that they can be used to accelerate sleep. Infused beverages are generally more fast-acting compared to other forms (gummy, cookie, etc). Our lemonades contain 30mg of THC infused and 20mg of CBD infused. This combination of THC and CBD activates relaxation as you get ready to slumber. Drinking AstroBliss prior to bed will make falling asleep easy and serene. 

4. Control Your Dosage 

One of the neatest attributes of our beverages is the dosage recommendations on the back side of the bottles. There is 30mg of delta-9 THC infused in a single AstroBliss, to which we recommend 3-6 servings for the average consumer. The nature of multiple servings in one bottle allows you to control how much THC you ingest. We recognize that everyone has different tolerances and levels of euphoria they want to achieve. Our lemonades are designed to create the perfect, individual experience for all!

5. Sip & Save For Later

Another appealing feature of AstroBliss lemonades is the use of bottles. Most THC infused beverages are canned with the inability to seal for multiple servings. Our hemp lemonades are bottled for the purpose of drinking at different times. You can take a few sips one day, then twist the lid closed to save the rest for another day as the effects of delta-9 THC varies between our consumers. The option to portion out the servings in our lemonades is just another advantage of AstroBliss!

Drinking AstroBliss presents many perks with its refreshing taste and calming qualities. It’s a beverage that will fulfill your needs to recharge. Dive into the world of AstroBliss and pick up a lemonade at West Tampa’s AstroBrew or you can order our beverages online at