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How to Properly Dose Hemp Products


How to Properly Dose Hemp Products

There are thousands of legal hemp products on the market ranging from Hemp topicals to Delta-8 edibles. Once you’ve landed on a product you want to try, the next step is to determine the proper dosage for you and your body. But how?

Short answer: It’s different for every”body.”

When it comes to dosing hemp products, you’ve got to consider a variety of factors including:

  • Genetics: Our inherited genes are responsible for how we react to stimulants, and cannabinoids are no exception. As our reactions are dependent on individualized levels of naturally occurring endocannabinoids, the same dosage may affect you and your friend very differently. No, that doesn’t mean you can blame Mom & Dad for why you came to Thanksgiving dinner way more relaxed than you intended. 
  • Biochemistry: There are more biochemicals processing throughout our body right now than we can even begin to imagine (think billions) and no”body” is one in the same. The way cannabinoids affect us can change on a case-by-case basis based on the biochemical processes happening in a specific moment in time.  
  • Tolerance Level: If you’re new to the hemp world, chances are your initial experiences with cannabinoids are going to look a lot different than your uncle who has been playing around with it since the 70s. Tolerance levels can change over time, so it’s important to take note as they evolve. 

Other factors such as your weight, environment and overall mood may impact your experience with hemp products too. 

But, much like food & drink, hemp products have serving sizes, too.

Don’t get overwhelmed by the unknown. Luckily, legal hemp products do offer us insight into recommended serving sizes which we can experiment with and tweak as we go.

Serving sizes on food labels are based on the average person. But, you’re far from average. And like we covered earlier, there’s a multitude of factors that make you unique. Hemp products, like overly generalized food labels, have serving sizes too. 

Someone that’s sipping their first beer ever is not going to be able to handle the same number of drinks as someone who goes out every night and downs three beers with a single slice of pizza. The same principle applies to cannabinoids. For example, while the industry standard for a serving of Cannabinoid tincture (or oil) is 1 dropper full, or 1 milliliter (ml), this is just a baseline suggestion and does not apply across the board. A newcomer may want to start by trying 15-20 milligrams (mg) of their cannabinoid of choice, rather than the 33mg (or 1ml) industry standard serving. 

Let’s explore some popular hemp products & their “nutritional facts:

We’ve learned that cannabinoids are measured in milligrams, now let’s dive into ways to dose some popular hemp products:

  • Tinctures Tinctures are extracts of plants dissolved into a liquid solution that is usually quite thick, or high in viscosity. Cannabinoid tinctures are measured by “milligram of cannabinoid per milliliter,” making them easier for controlling doses, especially if you’re taking a small amount. Note, the effectiveness can differ whether you’re taking it sublingually, meaning applied under the tongue for a short period (usually 30-60 seconds before swallowing), or if mixed into a drink. Popular tincture products on the market include isolated tinctures, like our CBN Tincture, which contain just one cannabinoid and full spectrum tinctures which encompass multiple cannabinoids like CBD, CBC, CBG, and THC.

  • Edibles: Edibles are essentially any cannabis-based food product. There are many different types of edibles, ranging from cookies and brownies to gummies and lollipops. Each edible variation also comes in many shapes and sizes, so it’s important to take note of concentration levels to better recreate desired effects. For example, all of our Delta-8 gummies are 25mg each. However, those two gummies you tried one time with friends might have only been 10mg each. This means that you’d only need one of our 25mg gummies to achieve the same effect.  By paying attention to edible dosages, you’ll be an old pro in no time. 

The bottom line is that hemp affects everyone differently. When it comes to cannabinoids, there’s simply just different strokes for different folks. The best way to control your experience and feel confident as a hemp user is to understand everyone is unique in their experience – so pay attention to your body, do your research, and understand how much you’re taking of what.