Astrobleme is very proud to carry Delta 8 Lollipops in our edible CBD selection. Our Delta 8 THC Lollipops come in 2 amazing flavors. Our Delta 8 Lollipops have a pop of natural flavor and can fulfill any sweet tooth you have when indulging in delta 8 specs below

Delta 8 THC Lollipops are made with pure delta 8 THC distillate, 50mg per lollipop. There’s not much else to it except great flavors and will give you the buzz you’re looking for. 

  • 1 Lollipop per package
  • 30mg Delta 8 THC per lollipop
  • Choose between 2 flavors 

Blue Raspberry | Mango

Delta 8 THC Lollipops


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Frequently Asked Questions

Lollipops are yummy and a great way to absorb sublingually. These are slightly psychoactive and you may feel a mild and relaxing high without the anxiousness sometimes experienced with Delta-9 THC. Delta-8 can show up on drug tests!

Delta 8 THC Lollipops like you’re a kid who just left the bank with his parents on the way to karate practice. Delta-8, our most popular Cannabinoid,is an isomer of THC which may provide a slight psychoactive “high” that is typically associated with marijuana.