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CBG Isolate tincture- 900mg


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  • Mood balancing, non-psychoactive
  • Organic US grown Hemp
  • 30mg of Isolated CBG per serving
  • THC Free
  • Made with Coconut oil


CBG is similar in effect to CBD as both are non-psychoactive (meaning they will not alter your mental state). Our 900mg CBG tincture is great on its own or enjoyed alongside our full spectrum tincture to increase the entourage effect. CBG has many known benefits, and is considered the mother of all cannabinoids because it is found in its highest concentrations in young plants. As the cannabis plant matures, CBG levels drop to as low as 1%, which is why it is one of our more expensive tinctures. 

As with all cannabinoids, there is limited published research on the benefits of CBG. Even so, CBG has shown the possibility of helping reduce inflammation and potentially have antibacterial properties. 

Note, our CBG tincture is unflavored.

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Fractionated Coconut oil, CBG Isolate, Sunflower Lecithin